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Dr. Rami Abu Shamma Orthodontist and maxillofacial specialist Dr. Rami received a BA in 2000 from Crimea International University He obtained a specialty degree from the International University of Crimea in 2002 Registered Practitioner Specialist in JOS, AOS. Dr. Rami practices in a private clinic Since 2004 What distinguishes Dr. Rami is the use of modern methods in diagnosing cases through clinical examination, the use of radiation and computer programs.

It deals with most orthodontic problems, fixed and mobile devices Treatment of nerve and roots with the use of modern ROTARY devices Fixed fixtures of ceramic bridges and faces using CAD CAM For the manufacture of zircon teeth And conservative treatments of all types of fillings And cosmetic dental treatments Regular and surgical tooth extraction Use XRay Panoramic device CBCT scan Teeth whitening with laser Treatments for gums Treating children And the elderly Dr. Rami strives to provide the best, and his goal is for patients to have the best smile, good teeth and oral health

Your Teeth Health is Our Top Priority with Comprehensive, Affordable medical.


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Among the benefits of orthodontics for all groups:

_ Improving the general appearance of the face and the shape.
_ To get rid of the problem of tooth protrusion and malocclusion.
_ Enhancing human ability to speak.
_ Orthodontics strengthen immunity in the mouth and gums.
_ To prevent teeth from some diseases.

Dental implants

It is the best solution to replace lost teeth, and implants are designed in a way that is compatible with other teeth in the mouth, as well as to maintain good bone and dishes that help protect the patient's jaw and oral health.

Use the brush properly

Using the brush in a healthy way is no less important than brushing the teeth, as using them weakly on the teeth is as if they have not been cleaned, and it should take time to clean by making circular movements to remove tartar, as neglecting this step results in the accumulation of food waste and gingivitis.


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